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Despite all kinds of destructions and devastations in the community and their basic resources, Benadir Livestock Professionals Association (BENALPA) managed to take its social responsibility to contribute to solutions of the mentioned problems and vowed to support live stockowners. In the beginning of 2002 some Vet Professionals gathered to form a professional association that can contribute in the development of livestock sector especially in EX-Benadir zone (the lower shabelle middle shabelle and Benadir region). Then BENALPA firstly came out from this initiative.

Vision Statement

BENALPA wants to be sustainable, respectable, capable, and committed professional association that provides comprehensive vet services to enhance both rural and urban live stock production system and environmental protection programs in order to upgrade well being of its members and socio-economic conditions of the society in EX-Banadir zone (the lower shabelle middle shabelle and Benadir region).

Mission Statement

BENALPA is engaged in developing livestock health and production services as well as marketing systems and environmental protection with collaboration of key stakeholders in order to improve socio- economic conditions of rural and urban livestock community in Banadir zone.

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